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How Covid-19 Pandemic Change The Modern Communication Era?

How Covid-19 Pandemic Change The Modern Communication Era?

January 2020, World was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, and we were all locked up at home for nearly 4-5 months. Since nobody allows to go outside, people find different ways to communicate with their loved ones. well, not only people they were want to talk to, but also they could talk with strangers. The revolutionary era of Chat applications helping people to communicate. Now you can chat/talk with anyone from anywhere that you want. It doesn't matter whether it's people you know or strangers. Let's talk about some of the video chat applications which turn out to be a big hit after the covid-19 pandemic.

1.Houseparty and other Online Video chat/Games App

in 2016, Life on-air launch Houseparty with co-founder Sima Sistani, After the first launch, App gets mixed responses. But when the Covid-19 pandemic hits at the beginning of 2020, It gets the attention of the people. Houseparty not just provide online video chats but also provide games to play online with your friends and any random people. App provides different kinds of games to play online, and the most famous among them are Chips and quick draw. Later the idea gets copied by many but does not get much response as Houseparty.

2.Talk with Stranger - Omegle, Bazoocam, FaceFlow

Well, since we are talking about online chat apps, forgetting Omegle website would be unfair. Omegle becomes zero to hero in just 6 months during the time of the pandemic. Omegle has just double the total number of live users. Not only the Omegle but Other online video chat apps like Bazoocam and FaceFlow and other top sites are recorded a huge spike in use. During the pandemic, Online Video Chats sites were people the topmost choice to spend their free time.

3.Zoom, Skype, Webex

Now, put the entertainment and Chat app on another side, Let's talk about Some of the best app used for business. Like Omegle TV and other online video chats app, Zoom records a huge spike in use. While for short time Zoom get surrounded by controversies because of data leaks and Security, but it was the first choice over Skype and Webex. We just talk about security Skype was the first choice for online business meetings as Microsoft products provide the best Security-wise. While Webex turned out to be one of the most reliable apps. As per the Survey, Zoom was the first choice for online business meetings Followed by skype, and Webex was the first choice for online teaching and educational purposes. 

4.Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Tik-Talk, and others

well, at last, let just not forget our regular chat apps. Facebook, which owns Instagram, What's App, and Facebook messenger gets the advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic and releases a handful of features like Instagram reel. after Tik-talk got banned in India, Instagram immediately launch Instagram reels and turn user attention to them. after the Release of Instagram reels, Instagram records a huge number of new users. While We all know about Tik-Talk's popularity, but let's not talk about it since it's out of the concept.


The Covid-19 Pandemic turns out to be the biggest hit for Online Chat/Video chat apps and site providers. Not just during the pandemic but also the graph of the online chat application and site users still running in a consistent manner. which indicates how this pandemic changes the Modern era of Communication. well, there are a lot of bad and good sides to it but totally depends on us, How we use it and interpret with them.

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